***Blueberry Kush – **$89 AAA 1OZ SPECIAL**NEW**



100% Indica


Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

Medical: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Gastrointestinal Disorder, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Mood Swings, Nausea, PTSD, Stress

Flavor: Berry, Blueberry, Fruity, Sweet

Parent Strains: Blueberry, OG Kush

THC: 20%-23% Lab Tested


Bag Appeal 9/10

Taste 8.5/10

Aroma 8.5/10

Potency 8.5/10



Blueberry Kush


100% Indica


Now this is one pure indica strain that we are very excited to finally get back in stock, it’s our new AAA $89/oz promo called “Blueberry Kush”. Blueberry Kush is a pure indica cannabis strain that is the offspring of two legends, Blueberry and OG Kush. It packs massive THC content for the low price which makes it an absolute steal for this deal as a promo, it’s one that you will order over and over as it makes for the perfect strain for a relaxing evening or to help with getting a good night’s sleep. The buds are mostly medium in size with nice frosty crystals found all over the green nugs. This is the type of strain that makes for the perfect option for rolling up a nice fatty and just enjoying your night. It will also be a good option for a night at the movies, playing video games, or just sitting on the couch relaxing at home. Blueberry Kush is extremely popular on the West Coast and in Colorado, and its for a reason. When you find a great indica strain, you stick with it.

Lab-Tested THC results for this batch of Blueberry Kush show a fairly strong range between 20-23%, it’s the perfect potency for most recreational users and even veteran tokers with a higher tolerance. To find a nice Kush strain at this price-point is not unusual however the perfect mix of potency, bag-appeal, aroma and effects of Blueberry Kush make it a real fan favorite. The indica effects are deeply relaxing, happy, euphoric, and sleepy. This strain has an earthy flavor and aroma with notes of berries and herbs. The moderate relaxing effects seem to last a long time which makes it the perfect evening toking option which could then also help you to fall asleep. Medical users will find this strain as a good option for treating anxiety, low mood, ADHD, migraines, mood disorders, chronic pain, and nausea. Blueberry Kush is the perfect indica option for a daily cannabis strain, make sure to try this one for those cold winter nights to warm yourself up and fall asleep with a big smile on your face!

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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce


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