Green Jelly – **$240/oz AAAA**NEW**



80% Indica/20% Sativa


Effects: Body-High, Cerebral, Energizing, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

Medical: Chronic Pain, Eye Pressure, Glaucoma, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

Flavor: Berry, Dank, Fruity, Grape, Sweet

Parent Strains: Jellyroll, Green Gupta Kush

THC: 23%-26% Lab Tested


Bag Appeal 9/10

Taste 9/10

Aroma 9/10

Potency 9/10

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Green Jelly


80% Indica/20% Sativa


Here is another absolutely rare and amazing find, our brand new AAAA exotic indica cannabis strain called “Green Jelly”. Green Jelly is an indica heavy strain created through crossing the delicious Jellyroll and Green Gupta Kush strains. This super rare bud doesn’t have too much known about it in the mainstream world, although it is definitely a favorite of many users due to its highly potent and meditative effects. In fact, the Green Jelly high lends itself very well to practicing yoga and meditation thanks to its long-lasting head clearing effects. The high comes on slowly at first with a happy creeper that builds itself up onto you as you enjoy its smooth all white ash tokes. If you are an experienced veteran toker, it probably won’t overwhelm you at first, but rather will slowly infuse itself to you with a relaxing sense of energy and thoughtfulness. A few minutes after you are done smoking it is when you will really feel its full effects coming on, a light tingly feeling will wash over your body as your spirits lift. A sense of calm and peacefulness will then follow that won’t weigh you down in the slightest but rather lends itself well to mild physical activity.

Green Jelly has excellent bag appeal, with mostly medium and larger-sized buds that are dense and super-frosty. THC Lab-tested results show an excellent range between 23-26% THC with a high that seems to last much longer than average. The unique aromas both from the bags and also while the buds are being burned will have your mouth drooling, especially if you mix this with some flavored rolling papers or flavored concentrates. Green Jelly has a sweet and fruity dank berry flavor with hints of fresh grape on each exhale. The smell is earthy and dank with a spicy berry overtone that’s very pungent at times. Medical patients can use this strain for treating conditions such as insomnia, nausea, eye pressure, and stress. Recreational users, and especially those who are looking for rare exotics and AAAA indica strains will also enjoy this strain. It provides a potent buzz along with nice bag appeal, great aromas and flavors, and a long-lasting high, pretty much everything that you could hope for. Don’t leave yourself green with envy, make sure to give this rare AAAA exotic a try before it sells out!

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