***Monkey King – **$79 1OZ SPECIAL**NEW**


Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

80% Sativa/20% Indica


Effects: Energizing, Focus, Happy

Medical: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite

Flavor: Citrus, Grape, Pine, Skunky, Sweet

Parent Strains: Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, Afghani

THC: 18%-21% Lab Tested


Bag Appeal 8.5/10

Taste 8.5/10

Aroma 8.5/10

Potency 8/10



Monkey King

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

80% Sativa/20% Indica


What a funky cool and unique new strain this one is, it’s our brand new AA sativa-dominant strain called “Monkey King”. Monkey King was created as a three-way cross of the cult favorites Acapulco Gold, Columbian Gold, and Afghani strains. This potent sativa-hybrid boasts a delicious aroma of sweet skunky citrus with a hint of pungent diesel and a taste of sweet citrus that has a skunky diesel aftertaste that can be overpowering if you’re not careful. The bag appeal on this strain is also very nice, the buds are mostly medium and large in size with dark olive green fluffy nugs with a thick layer of fiery orange hairs, lots of dark purple leaves, and a frosty layer of thick milky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin. The Monkey King high hits immediately behind the eyes before quickly spreading to the entire head with a jolt of uplifted energy. You’ll feel insanely focused and motivated with a heightened sense of awareness that amplifies the senses.

Monkey King shows a Lab-Tested THC result between 18-21%, making this an excellent choice for a daytime sativa-dominant strain. The cerebral high is anchored by a mellow relaxing effect that rids the body of pain and leaves you utterly at ease but still able to work or get your daily chores done. Because of these effects, Monkey King is said to be the perfect strain for medical patients suffering from conditions like chronic pain, mild to moderate cases of depression, and inattentiveness or ADD/ADHD. Recreational tokers will love the rare and unique look and aroma of this strain, we’ve personally never even heard of this strain before it arrived but its quickly become the one we choose for a strain to use while at work during the day. The quick uplifted energetic feeling that is followed by a calming relaxing mood is the perfect daytime option. If you are looking for a new strain for use during your Summer Days, be sure to grab a zip or two of this new Monkey King strain while it’s still available!

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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce


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