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Sativa-Dominant Hybrid 

80% Sativa/20% Indica


Effects: Calming, Cerebral, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting

Medical: Anxiety, Depression, Mood Swings, PTSD, Stress

Flavor: Berry, Fruity, Spicy, Strawberry, Sweet

Parent Strains: Strawberry Fields, Haze

THC: 19%-22% Lab Tested


Bag Appeal 9/10

Taste 8.5/10

Aroma 8.5/10

Potency 8.5/10



Strawberry Cough

Sativa-Dominant Hybrid 

80% Sativa/20% Indica


Well we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is we managed to find this amazing new AAA sativa strain for an amazing deal, the bad news, there wasn’t much available so this one will surely sell out very fast! If you are a lover of good sativa strains, make sure you get your hands on some of this new AAA cannabis strain called “Strawberry Cough” before it sells out. Strawberry Cough is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain (80% sativa/20% indica) created through crossing its parent strains Haze and Strawberry Fields. Famous around the world for its super delicious flavor and head-spinning high, Strawberry Cough is one bud that any sativa lover needs to add to their must-try list ASAP. Like the name suggests, this strain has a super delicious sweet berry flavor but with a punch of spicy pepper upon exhale. The buds are mostly medium and larger in size and the aromas are of a fresh berry overtone accented by spicy herbs and earthy pepper with a touch of sweetness.

Lab-Tested THC results show a moderate range between 19-22% on this heavy sativa strain, it will get you energized and sociable but won’t leave you feeling too tired or sleepy. You’ll feel energized and lifted with a sense of creative motivation and sociability that gets you moving in the morning and at the same time, a feeling of a soothing body-high that washes over you with a sense of calm to your aching muscles. Medical patients who require treatments during the daytime that will give them relief without a heavy sedation feeling should try this option. It can be a good option for those suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, and PTSD. Keep in mind there’s not alot of this one available, so if you like it you might want to stock up. It’s perfect for a wake and bake in the Summertime, our brand new AAA $99/Oz promo sativa cannabis strain called Strawberry Cough.

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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce

1 review for ***Strawberry Cough – **$99 1oz Special**NEW**

  1. Nicolas Hudon
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Nicolas Hudon

    Great taste!!!

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